Azaleas are relatives of rhododendrons. They come from Japan, China and Taiwan and grow in their original habitat at an average annual temperature of 15 °C and moderately high humidity.

When buying an azalea, make sure the plant is evenly covered with candle-shaped flower buds. You can already see the flower color on some of the buds, which have opened a little. The flowers of azaleas growing wild in China are red, but thanks to the work of breeders, they now exist in many color variations, from white to variegated to pink.

Azaleas prefer shady, moist places. Place potted azaleas in a cool, not too sunny place, so they will bloom longer. If there are only warm rooms in your home, move the plant to a cooler, frost-free place at least overnight. Take care of watering, it is very important that the potting mix in the pot is always slightly moist, but the roots should not stand in water.

As for irrigation water, preferably use soft water or boiled and cooled tap water, but rainwater and melted snow are best for the plant, as they are natural precipitation. Cold tap water with chlorine can kill azaleas. The soil in the original habitat of azaleas is acidic, so watering with calcareous tap water worsens the situation.

With proper care, azaleas can produce flowers year after year and can live up to 30 years. In May, after the frosts have passed, you can take your potted azalea out to your garden or porch.