Nature’s pharmacy.

Above all, thyme can be recommended for colds and upper respiratory diseases: either sip it in the form of tea with honey, or vaporize thyme essential oil. You can make a very tasty and effective cough syrup yourself, even from thyme grown in the garden (it is also worth mixing with ribwort plantain)! Children will also like it because of its delicious taste.


  • 3 handfuls of fresh thyme sprigs
  • brown sugar


1. Cut thyme sprigs on a sunny afternoon. It is possible that there will even be flowers on the plant, these can also be included.

2. Rinse the herb with fresh water and cut the branches into small pieces. Roll the rolling pin over it a few times to compress it.

3. Take a large, clean glass with a buckle and fill it first with a layer of thyme, then a layer of sugar until the glass is full. Press down the layers slightly with your hands or a wooden spoon, so that as little air as possible remains in the bottle. The last layer should be sugar.

4. Put the bottle in a warm, dark place. After 3 weeks, the sugar should dissolve. If this has not happened yet, add some mineral water and let it stand a little longer.

5. Filter the resulting syrup through a sieve and pour into bottles.