It can be a disheartening sight when, just a few days after the festivities of Christmas Eve, the vibrant needles of your holiday tree start to wilt and fall. But fear not, for there are simple yet effective measures to ensure your Christmas tree remains a radiant centerpiece throughout the holiday season. Here are four tips to keep your Christmas tree looking fresh for longer:

1. Opt for a Freshly Cut Pine Tree

The first step in maintaining a beautiful Christmas tree is to select one that’s freshly cut. Whenever possible, choose a tree that was harvested shortly before the holiday season. Ideally, it should originate from a local source to minimize transport time and maximize freshness. Many retailers focus on replenishing their stock with new trees as needed, so buying from them often guarantees a fresher tree. In some regions, you may even have the option to select a tree directly from the plantation. Look for a tree with a fresh, non-gray cutting surface for the best results.

2. Hydrate and Keep Cool

Right after purchase, trim the lower shoots of the tree and place it in a container filled with water. It’s crucial to keep the tree in a cool, shaded and wind-protected location, such as your garden, balcony or even the basement.

3. Gradual Indoor Transition

Allow your tree to acclimate gradually to the indoor environment. To achieve this, keep it in a cold conservatory or a stairwell for one or two days, where the temperature is higher than outside but lower than indoors. During this time, remove any packaging or netting, enabling the branches to expand and breathe freely.

4. Choose the Right Spot and Maintain a Steady Water Supply

Just before decorating your tree, trim the tips of the lower branches once more. Decorate the tree shortly before Christmas Eve and make sure it’s securely placed in a Christmas tree holder filled with tap water. Inside your home, choose a relatively cool spot for the tree, avoiding placement in front of heaters. The heat from heaters can rapidly dry out the tree, causing its needles to drop prematurely.

Be mindful that many tree varieties are sensitive to drafts, so position it away from any breezy areas. Don’t forget to maintain a consistent water supply: at room temperature, your tree may require anywhere from 0.5 to 4 liters of water daily. Additionally, daily spraying and humidifying the branches can help maintain the tree’s freshness over time.

By following these four tips, you can ensure that your Christmas tree remains a stunning and evergreen symbol of the holiday season, prolonging its beauty and fragrance to last throughout the festivities.