Lots of water, lots of sun, lots of nutrients.

Cucumber is a somewhat delicate vegetable, there are a few things you need to pay attention to if you want a tasty and abundant harvest. Let’s see what are the most common mistakes that gardeners make!

1. Planting outdoors too early

Cucumbers are heat-loving and require a lot of light. For planting outdoors, the soil temperature must be above 15 °C, so the seedlings should be planted outdoors for the first time when night frosts are no longer expected. It takes about 4 weeks for the seedlings to develop, so take this into account when you sow the seeds in pots.

2. Planting in the wrong place

The vegetable requires a sunny, wind-protected place. You will most likely find these conditions in a warm, humid greenhouse, foil tent, or in a large container on a sheltered porch.

3. Too few nutrients

Cucumbers need an abundant supply of nutrients. The ideal is loose, humus-rich soil, which is enriched with compost or horse manure before planting outdoors. In addition, it also requires a regular nutrient supply during the growing season, in the form of stinging nettle fertilizer tea or compost.

4. Irregular watering

Cucumbers also need a lot of water. If you don’t water regularly, the crop will be bitter. It is best to use lukewarm, stagnant tap water or rainwater for this purpose. Protect the plant from fungal diseases by watering it in the morning and only letting the water reach the root areas, not the leaves. Mulching with grass clippings or straw helps keep the soil moist.

5. Lack of a support system

Cucumber expands vertically and must be grown next to a support system. This is also beneficial because because in this way the plants are not crowded, the ventilation is better, and the leaves are prevented from being infected by powdery mildew. You can use a simple wooden plant support, lattice or metal trellis, but a coconut fiber twine can also do the job. Leave a distance of at least 40 cm between the bases of the plants.

6. Failure to harvest regularly

Regular picking ensures that new fruits can continuously develop on the plant. Therefore, harvest regularly, and take care of it even when you go on vacation!