There are proven methods against annoying ants in the garden and indoors. You can try them all and let us know which one worked best for you.

Your home is not actually part of the natural habitat of ants. However, every now and then some pesky black insects sneak into the house hunting for some scattered food!

10 Useful Tips Against Annoying Ants

1. Relocation of Ants

The ant army in the garden or yard can be moved to another place by placing wet soil or mulch in a pot and placing it on top of the anthill. If the ants move into their new place, simply use a shovel to move the pot somewhere else.

2. Spray the Anthill

Put 300 grams of fresh or 30 grams of dried common mugwort in ten liters of water and let it sit for 14 days. Then pour the juice on the anthill.

3. Block the Entrance

Seal cracks and crevices through which ants enter the house with clay, silicone or glue. You can also buy sticky traps in stores to prevent ants from coming in through a window or door.

4. Block the Path of Ants

Ants can be banned from the house if you know their route: draw a thick line with chalk in front of the front door and window. This is an insurmountable obstacle, because ants do not like chalk, so you can exclude them from the house. It is important to always refresh the line after a rain.

5. Use Herbs that Repel Ants

Place ferns, thyme, juniper, garden chervil, lemon balm, lavender oil or lavender flowers in the ants’ migration path. These disturb the orientation of the ants and they leave the area for a long time.

6. Household Preparations against Ants

Put lemon peel, vinegar or cinnamon at the entrance of the anthill. Intense odors deter ants.

7. Pet Food Attracts Ants

Always make sure to remove all uneaten food from your dog’s or cat’s bowl.

8. Store Food in Containers that can be Closed Tightly

All food should be stored in a dry, clean place and tightly closed to avoid attracting ants. It is best to store food in glass or ceramic containers with rubber seals.

9. Use Sugar Biocides

Put a few drops of insecticide onto a sugar cube, which attracts the ants as bait. The ants take this food into the anthill, which destroys the other ants, including the queen.

10. Bait Traps are Effective

These traps actually contain an insecticide that the ants eat. Put the bait somewhere, e.g. under a closet where pets or children won’t find it, only ants will. These products are guaranteed to kill ants.

Extra Tip

A plant with a lot of ants is most likely infected with aphids. If you manage to deal with the aphids, the ants will also stay away.