Plants overwintering indoors need less water than they do in spring and summer.

At the end of autumn, many frost-sensitive potted plants and flowers are moved indoors for the winter. It is important to know that they need different care during this period than during the rest of the year.

In the temperate zone, cold weather usually arrives around October-November, with nighttime temperatures falling below freezing. When the weather turns like this, don’t delay any longer, move all your non-winter-hardy potted plants, flowers and herbs indoors. These sensitive plants prefer a bright but cool spot indoors.

A basement is ideal for overwintering plants, as long as it receives some natural light during the day. However, an unheated stairwell or conservatory is also perfect.

Plants have a limited metabolism during this period, so they need less water than usual. It is enough to water them once every week or two weeks. Also, there is no need to treat the plants with a liquid nutrient solution while they are overwintering.