You can decorate a simple straw wreath ring in countless ways, or you can easily weave a wreath from grape vines.

The base of the classic Christmas wreath is usually a hard straw ring, which is completely covered by green pine branches.

However, you can also make a wreath from other natural materials, which would be a shame to cover up. These include the branches of elm and birch trees, clematis tendrils and grape vines.

All of them can be beautifully decorated with candles and a few decorative ingredients. In order for the candles to stand securely, use candle holders with spike, or place the candles in the center of the wreath.

A stapling foam ring is an excellent base for evergreens such as olive, ivy and cherry laurel, which stay fresh and beautiful green longer when stapled to wet foam.

A freshly made pine wreath lasts the longest. The base is a thick straw ring that provides a firm support for the pine branches and candles.

Cut the pine branches to about the length of your palm and lay them flat on the straw ring in small bunches. Wrap the ends of the branches with thin binding wire and fasten them to the straw ring so that the bunches overlap each other.

Push two strong wires into the bottom of each candle for spikes. Since it is easier to insert a hot wire into candle wax, first hold it over a flame for a short time. Insert the spike into the wreath, while making sure that the candle stands straight and stable.

You can conjure up a fairy-tale still life with white birch bark embedded in the greenery, pine cones and subdued colored candles that blend nicely into the overall picture.

The four candles, surrounded by ivy, pine and juniper branches, and decorated with clematis tendrils and dried flowers, stand out nicely.

You can create an exotic wreath: staple pieces of birch bark together in a circle with a glue gun. Attach houseleek to it with long pins and spray it with water from time to time.

Roll thick clematis tendrils loosely into a round shape, interweave them with sloe and pine branches, then pin pine cones on them. Candles cannot stand stably in such a wreath, so place them next to the wreath in an old storm lantern.

You can create a wreath with a red color combination, for which you can use the flexible red stems of the Tatarian dogwood as a base. Decorate the wreath with holly berries and leaves. Use red candles and place them in the center of the wreath.

An olive branch wreath follows the Mediterranean style trend, with candles in pastel shades. Potted olive trees often need to be cut back before you move them into their winter shelter, so you should have no problem getting raw materials. Poke the branches into a ring of wet stapling foam, so they stay fresh longer.