Instead of treating them as green waste.

When trees shed their leaves, leaf litter can cover the entire garden. Instead of treating fallen leaves as green waste and collecting them in bags, you can compost them. However, be aware that not all tree leaves can be composted equally. An alternative can be if you use leaf litter as ground cover or hedgehog shelter.

Maple, birch, linden, elm, beech, alder, ash, hornbeam

Breaks down quickly. Can be easily composted or used as ground cover mulch.

Common hazelnut, sweet chestnut, fruit trees, grapes

Breaks down quickly. Only compost or use as mulch if the leaves are healthy.

Poplar, sycamore

Breaks down slowly. Since the leaves can easily stick together, mix them with leaves of other species before composting or using them as mulch.


Breaks down slowly. Compost separately, because due to its low pH value, it is beneficial to use it for plants that like acidic soil.


Breaks down very slowly. Since the leaves contain a substance called juglone, which inhibits the germination and growth of other plants, they are suitable for compost in moderation.