The tiny, pale blue flowers can already appear when spring is just around the corner.

Rosemary comes from the Mediterranean region and is a widely popular herb: many people grow it in pots and containers. In its original habitat, its main flowering period lasts from February to April, while in regions north of the Alps it blooms from March to May.

Rosemary grown in containers needs a bright, frost-free wintering place: if you manage to provide this to the plant, it will produce its fragrant, pale blue flowers early. Be careful not to place it in a room that is too warm, because then it will start to produce new shoots, but these shoots will only be able to develop poorly due to insufficient natural light.

Did you know that you can overwinter your rosemary outdoors? You can try this in your herb garden, but only if you can provide the plant with adequate protection for the winter. It is important that you also water your rosemary on frost-free days.