Are persistent coughs and colds making your life miserable? Look no further than your own garden for a natural remedy that’s not only effective but also delicious. In this guide, we’ll show you how to craft your very own thyme cough syrup, using fresh thyme sprigs plucked straight from your garden. Embrace the soothing benefits of nature alongside traditional over-the-counter cough medicines.

Benefits of Thyme for Cough and Cold

Thyme, a fragrant herb often found in herb gardens, offers a multitude of health benefits. It has been used for centuries to alleviate coughs and upper respiratory ailments. Thyme contains compounds with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe irritated throats and reduce coughing. Here’s how to create a delightful thyme syrup to bring you relief.


  • 3 handfuls of fresh thyme sprigs
  • Brown sugar


1. Harvesting Thyme:
Begin your journey to homemade thyme syrup by harvesting fresh thyme sprigs on a sunny afternoon. Don’t be discouraged if you find tiny flowers on the plant; these can also be included in your preparation.

2. Preparing the Thyme
After rinsing the freshly picked thyme sprigs with cool water, cut the branches into small pieces. To enhance the infusion process, roll a rolling pin over the thyme a few times to gently compress it.

3. Layering Thyme and Sugar
Select a clean, sizeable glass container with a lid. Begin by adding a layer of thyme, followed by a layer of brown sugar, and continue this process until the container is filled. To minimize the presence of air in the jar, gently press down on each layer with either your hands or a wooden spoon. Ensure that the topmost layer is sugar.

4. Infusion Time
Place the glass container in a warm, dark location. Over the course of approximately three weeks, the sugar should dissolve into the thyme, creating a sweet and herbal infusion. If the sugar hasn’t fully dissolved after this period, consider adding a small amount of mineral water and allowing it to steep for a bit longer.

5. Filtering and Bottling
Once the infusion process is complete, strain the mixture through a sieve to remove the solid thyme remnants. Pour the resulting syrup into clean, airtight bottles, which can be stored in a cool, dark place.

Enjoying Your Homemade Thyme Cough Syrup

When cough and cold symptoms strike, reach for your homemade thyme syrup. Not only does it offer natural relief, but its delightful taste will also make it a hit with children. A teaspoon of this syrup can be taken as needed to soothe your throat and quiet that persistent cough.

Herbal Harmony

Creating your own thyme cough syrup is a rewarding endeavor that connects you with the healing power of nature. With just a few simple steps and a bit of patience, you can have a flavorful, effective remedy right from your garden. Say goodbye to the discomfort of coughs and colds and embrace the comfort of homemade thyme syrup.