Serve a tasty menu to squirrels.

Squirrels need to eat enough even in the cold season. Unlike hedgehogs or marmots, they do not hibernate. That is why in the fall they accumulate a mixed supply of walnuts, beechnuts and other fruits, which they bury in the ground or hide in the hollows of trees, between the forks of branches, or in cracks in the bark.

Especially in harsh winters, when the ground has been frozen for a long time or the snow cover is thick, it can be useful to set up a feeding station for the squirrels in the backyard. Special squirrel feeders are available in stores, which also have a comfortable little terrace.

Make sure that the feeder is not set up close to the ground, but at a height of about 2 meters, for example on a tree trunk, from where squirrels have a good view of their surroundings, and thus are less likely to fall prey to predators.

It is also important to offer squirrels the right food. Unsalted hazelnuts or walnuts in their shells, or cracked so that even young animals can open them, sweet chestnuts, sunflower seeds (in their shells), pumpkin seeds, grapes, sliced apples, chopped carrots and cucumbers are also popular treats among squirrels. It should be noted that almonds, peanuts and corn are not suitable for them.

Only feed squirrels 1 or 2 times a week and then take longer breaks so that the animals do not rely too much on your self-service buffet. It is important to clean the feeder regularly so that it does not spread diseases.

Squirrels occasionally fight fiercely for food, which can lead to rougher confrontations. If you are aware that several squirrels live near your backyard, it is worth setting up a separate feeder for each of them to prevent fights. Also, keep an eye out so that squirrels don’t rob your bird feeders.

During the winter months, squirrels only leave their nests, which they build from leaves and branches, for a short time. When the weather is stormy and snowy, they don’t have much time to look for food, they just run out to the nearest food store and back, and spend the rest of the day sleeping.