It must be annoying when you see that just a few days after Christmas Eve, the needles start to fall from your Christmas tree.

The good news, however, is that you can prevent the tree from drying out and its leaves falling off too quickly with a few tricks.

1. A freshly cut pine tree is best

If possible, choose a tree that was cut down shortly before the holiday. It is most ideal if it comes from near where you live and has not been transported a lot, although in some areas this is not feasible. At retailers, the trees are often fresher, as they are gearing up specifically for the pre-Christmas period. In general, they do not store a lot of pine trees, but rather replenish the stock with new trees as needed. In some places, you can choose a tree at the plantation. A fresh and non-grey cutting surface is revealing!

2. Put the pine tree in water and keep it in a cool place

Cut off the end of the lower shoots immediately after purchase and place the tree in a bucket full of water. Keep it in a cool, shady, wind-protected place – this can be the garden, the balcony or even the basement.

3. Allow the tree to slowly acclimatize to the indoor environment

It is advantageous if the tree gets used to the higher room temperature before it is decorated. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it in a cold conservatory or in the stairwell for 1 or 2 days, where the temperature is higher than outside, but lower than inside. Remove the packaging and net from it at this point so that the branches can stretch themselves.

4. Choose the right place for the pine tree and provide it with enough water

Before you decorate the pine tree, cut back the tips of the lower branches once more. Decorate the tree only shortly before Christmas Eve, and it is also important to place it in a Christmas tree holder filled with tap water.

In the room, choose a place for the tree that is relatively cool (do not place it in front of a heater, but rather in front of a window), because the heat will quickly dry out the tree and its leaves begin to fall. Many varieties also react sensitively to drafts. Don’t forget the water supply: at room temperature, the tree needs about 0.5-4 liters of water per day. Daily spraying and humidification of the branches also helps to keep its freshness longer.