Ants, those pesky little invaders, can turn your peaceful garden and home into a battlefield. These tiny creatures may be fascinating from a distance, but once they start raiding your space, it’s time to take action. We’ve compiled ten proven methods to help you reclaim your territory from these persistent insects. Try them all and let us know which one works best for you.

Your home is not actually part of the natural habitat of ants. However, every now and then some pesky black insects sneak into the house hunting for some scattered food!

10 Useful Tips Against Annoying Ants

1. The Ant Shuffle

The ant army in your garden or yard can be relocated with a clever trick. Simply place a pot filled with wet soil or mulch on top of the anthill. When the ants move into their new abode, use a shovel to move the pot to a location of your choice.

2. Herbal Ant Disruption

Ants can’t stand certain herbs. Mix 300 grams of fresh or 30 grams of dried common mugwort with ten liters of water, and let it steep for 14 days. Then, pour this aromatic concoction over the anthill to send them packing.

3. Block the Entrance

Seal any cracks and crevices through which ants might sneak into your home with clay, silicone or glue. You can also find sticky traps in stores designed to deter ants from slipping through windows and doors.

4. Block Their Path

Knowing an ant’s route is half the battle. Draw a thick line with chalk in front of your doors and windows. Ants despise chalk, making it an insurmountable barrier. Remember to refresh the line after a rain shower.

5. Herbal Ant Guardians

Place aromatic plants like ferns, thyme, juniper, garden chervil, lemon balm, lavender oil, or lavender flowers along the ant’s migration path. These disrupt the ants’ orientation and drive them away for an extended period.

6. Household Odor Barriers

Ants are sensitive to strong odors. Place lemon peel, vinegar or cinnamon at the entrance of the anthill to deter them from entering your home.

7. Pet Food Management

Don’t forget to remove any uneaten food from your dog’s or cat’s bowl promptly. Pet food can be a magnet for ants.

8. Secure Food Storage

Store all your food in a dry, clean place in containers that seal tightly. Glass or ceramic containers with rubber seals work best. Preventing easy access to food sources discourages ants from paying a visit.

9. Sugar Biocides

Turn the ants’ love for sugar against them. Place a few drops of insecticide on a sugar cube as bait. The ants will eagerly carry this deadly treat back to their nest, eliminating other ants, including the queen.

10. Bait Traps that Work

Bait traps are another effective strategy. These traps contain insecticide that the ants consume. Place them in areas inaccessible to pets or children, where only ants can reach them. These products are guaranteed to put an end to your ant problem.

Extra Tip

A garden overrun with ants might be suffering from an aphid infestation. If you manage to deal with the aphids, the ants will likely follow suit, leaving your garden in peace.

Incorporate these tips into your ant management strategy, and you’ll be well on your way to an ant-free home and garden. Enjoy your pest-free haven!