The biggest advantage of companion planting is that certain good properties of one plant greatly promote the healthy growth and undisturbed development of the other.

Tall plants, for example, provide shade for their sun-sensitive counterparts. Creeping plants cover the ground, plants with straight stems grow upwards, so both can be successfully grown in the same bed. Companion planting also helps prevent damage from pests.

Here are 7 great examples:

1. Rose + Garlic

Garlic helps keep rose pests at bay. Chives have a similar effect, and their tiny purple or white flowers look gorgeous in late spring in the company of rose flowers and leaves.

2. Marigold + Melon

Some types of marigold (Tagetes) are more effective against nematodes attacking melon roots than chemical treatment.

3. Tomato + Cabbage

Tomatoes repel cabbage moth (diamondback moth) larvae, which are actually caterpillars that can chew huge holes in cabbage leaves.

4. Cucumber + Nasturtium

The graceful nasturtium that runs between the tendrils of the cucumber repels insects that harm the cucumber, but it is also beneficial because it serves as a hiding place for beneficial predators such as spiders and ground beetles (Carabidae).

5. Pepper + Redroot Pigweed

The great benefit of this strange companion planting is that the moth, which also damages peppers, still likes redroot pigweed better than peppers. Just make sure that the redroot pigweed does not produce seeds, otherwise it will spread uncontrollably in the garden!

6. Cabbage + Dill

Dill is a great companion plant to members of the cabbage family, such as broccoli or Brussels sprouts. Dill attracts small, useful wasps that can keep the caterpillar of the cabbage moth under control, among other things. (It is important to note here that carrots and dill should never be planted next to each other!)

7. Corn + Green Beans

Green beans attract beneficial insects that feed on corn pests such as cicadas, armyworms and leaf beetles (Chrysomelidae). In addition, green beans will run up the corn stalks nicely.