How to change the color of the hydrangea flower? How to keep the bouquet in the vase beautiful for as long as possible?

The hydrangea plant owes its incredible popularity primarily to its amazingly beautiful flowers. Do everything you can to ensure that the plant delights you with the healthiest and showiest flowers possible! Let’s see how!

1. Change the Color of the Hydrangea Flowers

It’s not magic, just a little science. To change the color of flower petals to pink or blue, all you need to do is to carry out a simple soil test and then adjust the soil pH.

2. Prevent Browning of Flowers

If you notice that the flowers are starting to turn an ugly brown, this may be because the plant was planted in a part of the garden that is too sunny. Although it is too late to transplant the plant during flowering, spread a layer of ground cover mulch on the soil around its base so that the soil retains moisture longer.

3. Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Boil water, then place the stems of the cut flowers in the hot water for half a minute. Immediately afterwards, place the flower stems in a vase filled with room temperature water. And you are done!

4. Refresh the Cut Flower that has Started to Wither

If you notice that your hydrangea placed in a vase has started to wilt, shock the plant by immersing the entire flower head in warm water for 3-4 hours. If necessary, use garden pebbles and small stones as weights so that the plant remains under water throughout the treatment.

5. Preserve the Beauty of the Cut Flower

As surprising as it may be, it matters, and not a little, whether water touches the petals of the cut hydrangea placed in a vase. The flower heads stay fresh much longer by using a little trick: gently spray them with water from a spray bottle once a day!

6. Keep Bacteria Under Control

If you don’t want bacteria to multiply quickly in your vase, squeeze a little liquid soap into the water before placing the flower in it. Change the water every two days to keep the hydrangea fresh as long as possible.